How Much Does It Cost to Repair Your Furnace?

Many people have a furnace in their home, and it is a vital component of the heating system. A stove can be one of the most expensive parts of an HVAC system to replace, especially if you do not know how much a replacement will cost. Please take a minute to learn about how much it costs to repair a furnace. How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Furnace? – It Depends Home furnaces that are less than ten years old will likely be fixed instead of replaced because parts for newer furnaces may be challenging to find. They also cost more money which means they may not be affordable on an average person’s budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Furnace?

It Depends The answer to that question is complicated because it will all depend on the type of furnace you have, the age of your furnace, and what part needs to be repaired. If you have an older furnace over ten years old, there is a good chance that the unit will need to be replaced. This can cost $3,000 or potentially more than $5,000 depending on the furnace and if any ductwork needs to be done.

The Role Of Your Furnace In Home Heating As soon as cooler air settles in and winter begins across North America; homeowners turn their attention toward furnaces for comfort and warmth indoors. Like everything else found under your roof, the furnace has a life expectancy that, once reached, typically requires replacement. Provided regular maintenance is conducted, furnaces can last 15-20 years.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Furnace?

It also depends on What you are paying for if your furnace breaks down in the colder months is heat and possibly electricity to power its blower motor. Even if nothing needs to be repaired or replaced, it may cost money depending on which energy company provides electricity to your area.

To put things into perspective, here are some average prices for common repairs of your HVAC system: Faulty thermostat – $70-$80 Thermostat wire disconnected – $80-$85 Gas valve replaced – $240-$360 Burner replaced – $540-$650 Belt replaced – $30-$50 Blower motor replaced – $140-$180 If you have a newer furnace or your system is under warranty, the cost to repair a furnace will be less. Some companies may charge you extra for same-day service depending on how busy they are and when it occurs.

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