Is It Worth Replacing Air Conditioner?

If you are wondering when you should start looking for a new AC or replacing it with a device of another brand or type, read this article.

Malfunctioning system

It goes without saying that if your air conditioner malfunctions, you cannot use it at all. It happens because the thermostat does not work correctly – either overcooled or overheated the car even though there may be enough cold or hot air coming out of the ventilator’s outlet. This means that problems could occur with any part of an AC, making it impossible to fix the car.

on/off fluctuations

Another reason why you should think about replacing your AC is on/off fluctuations. When an air conditioner operates in this way, the power supply voltage constantly changes, while the compressor does not work at all or works inconsistently. Also, keep in mind that these problems occur because the central part of your air conditioner (expansion valve) fails and has to be replaced immediately. As for fixing such a device – it’s virtually impossible; therefore, you need to buy a new one instead. You can probably repair different parts of an AC if they are not causing other malfunctions or lack gas pressure but still cannot reduce the temperature inside your car.

You should replace your AC if it has a power flow of more than 10 amperes and the voltage is lower than 220 volts at the outlet, or around 25% higher than your car battery (if you want to test whether there are problems with the vehicle’s electric system). There may be other reasons you need to buy a new A/C within an average period, but if you consider everything mentioned above, buying a new air conditioner doesn’t seem like something that can wait for too long. You need to understand that this kind of cooling device provides only 70-75% energy efficiency, whereas central heating systems – 80%, mini-split devices – 90%. If you find these numbers, it’s better not to waste time and start looking for a new air conditioner.

What is the Average Life Span of an AC?

The average life span of an A/C unit varies between 10 and 15 years. If your car is older than 8-9 years, you should consider replacing its old side a/c in a few months or a year maximum to prevent cooling problems while driving on hot summer days. Such expensive repairs are something you would like to avoid, so whenever any malfunctions happen, don’t think twice about buying the best possible replacement – by investing your money wisely, after all these years, you can get enough savings to buy yourself another car! Of course, if it’s not that important for you right now, then wait a little bit longer.

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