What Is Included in a Furnace Replacement?

When it comes to furnaces that are not working, the best thing you can do is avoid using them until it has been replaced. A furnace replacement can come in many different forms depending on your HVAC system’s needs. Many things should be included in a furnace replacement. Whether you choose to install a new heating system or put money into an existing one, certain parts and pieces need to be included for maximum efficiency.

Generally speaking, when you choose to replace your current furnace with a new one, there should be at least three major components that should include all conventional systems—a filter, fan blades, and blower motor; along with two other parts that may vary between different models—a gas valve and pilot assembly; and one additional feature that will change in some units—a condensate pan.

When you choose to replace your heating unit, certain parts are included regardless of make or model. A filter is an essential part of every system because it makes sure the air moving through your furnace is clean. Without this piece, dust particles can build up in your system, leading to costly repair work down the road. Some filters may need to be replaced monthly, while others might last for 12 months.

A fan blade and blower motor are designed for maximum airflow when using the heating unit. Because these two components work closely together, they wear at a similar rate, so manufacturers typically sell them as one piece instead of two separate ones.

Additionally, a gas valve and pilot assembly are other components that should be included for every furnace replacement. When you turn your heating system on and off, this part makes sure your home starts up quickly and efficiently to help keep the temperatures consistent throughout the day. Essentially, it opens or closes to allow for better airflow depending upon what temperature you need at any given time. The good thing about these parts is that if something goes wrong with them during installation, they can easily be replaced without buying an entirely new unit. A condensate pan can also be found in many different brands and models of heaters; however, the size may vary depending on where it’s located and how much water needs to collect before draining out.

There may be some additional accessories included with your heating unit, depending on what you decide to purchase. For instance, remote control can make it easier for you to adjust the temperature from across the room, which can help maximize convenience. In addition, some furnaces come with a built-in air purifier that helps improve breathing by removing common irritants from your home’s air supply.

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