Can You Just Replace the AC Unit?

The answer is no; you cannot simply replace the ac unit. The simple fact is that many people are advised to do just that: replace the air conditioning unit(s) in their home with a new one. Generally, these people have been living in their homes for some time, and the ac unit is not working as well as it used to. They are told that they need to replace their ac unit with a new one because of the significant amount of money required to fix it if it can even be set.

In many cases, this is simply untrue. Many times people who a contractor or other person has told to buy a brand-new ac system because theirs was “fried” or another such simile were sold an old model system by a contractor without any knowledge whatsoever about how air conditioning units work. In these situations, ac units that could have been repaired quickly were replaced by a contractor without any attempt to figure out what may have been wrong with the existing team. This results in a waste of money for the customer.
How to Tell if Your AC Unit Can Be Repaired vs. If It Needs to be Replaced

The first step is to ascertain whether an ac contractor has any idea what they are doing or not. If you know nothing about air conditioning units, then it may seem that anyone who tells you that your team needs to be replaced means well. Still, you need to take some time and do research to find out whether they are telling the truth or just trying to get your business so that you can sell them your old ac unit on Craigslist so they can make some big bucks off of it while taking advantage of someone willing to buy something unknown.

It is important to remember that certain types of things can stop your ac unit from working well. The most common cause for this situation is black mold or a different kind of fungus taking up residence in the drain pan where water condenses and drains out after it has passed through the evaporator coil. This will quickly build up, turn into mold, and create many problems with your AC unit, including an irritating smell, reduced cooling capacity, and sometimes even electrical hazards. Find any signs of moisture or other unusual odors coming from near or around your air conditioner. You should immediately call someone to repair it or at least look at it yourself to figure out what might be wrong before calling someone, which will lead to a frustrating experience.

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