How Do I Know When to Replace My Air Conditioner?

Choosing the right cooling system is critical whether you own a home or are in the market to buy one. Air conditioners can last anywhere from 10-20 years if properly maintained. Still, some tell-tale signs indicate it’s time for a replacement before air conditioner failure occurs.
Aging AC Units Experience Frequent Breakdowns

You may have seen your unit break down several times over the last few summers. If so, this issue isn’t likely to resolve itself without an AC replacement. The more breakdowns you experience, the less efficient your unit becomes. Eventually, parts will become so tired they will no longer respond to service calls and require costly replacements themselves. While many manufacturers offer certain warranties on their interests, you should still be prepared to foot the bill yourself. Air conditioner replacement costs mainly depend on your geographical location and will vary depending on which manufacturer you choose for installation.

If Your AC Unit is Old…

If your air conditioner is at least ten years old or has never been serviced, an air conditioner replacement may be in order. Older units are typically less efficient than newer models (and waste more energy), which will cost you more money over time. Older units also take longer to cool down rooms and release less moisture into the air, which means that if you live in a hot climate, your home may become uncomfortably muggy after cooling occurs.

Efficiency Losses Worsen Room Temperature Problems

As AC units age, they become less efficient. If you notice that your home takes longer than usual to cool down after the AC unit is on, your unit’s efficiency may be dropping. This means it will use more energy to produce less cooling power.

General Wear and Tear Can Be a Problem Too

If your unit isn’t properly maintained or serviced in its lifetime, replacement may still be necessary even if it’s relatively new. An air conditioner has moving parts and requires regular lubrication to function well for an extended period. If you’ve never had the unit inspected and serviced by a licensed professional, a straightforward service call can save you hundreds in unexpected repairs and replacements down the road.

AC Replacement Costs More than You May Expect

Be prepared to spend at least $2,000 on a new air conditioner if you decide to go with the same brand and model as your current one. Air quality is essential for your home and family’s health, so investing in a new unit that is more efficient and less costly per year is well worth it.

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