How Do I Replace an Old Air Conditioner?

You’re considering buying a new air conditioner for your home. Before going out and purchasing a fancy new unit, it’s essential to learn what’s involved in replacing an old air conditioner. Replacing an AC is no easy task and should only be performed by those who have experience with electrical wiring or plumbing. We don’t recommend doing this yourself unless you know what you’re doing because improper installation could cause serious injury or even death. That being said, here’s how to replace an old AC:


1) Shut off the electricity – This should hopefully go without saying, but just in case it doesn’t – turn off the power before beginning! You’ll need to go to the breaker box and disconnect the power going to your old AC.

2) Remove the Condenser – The condenser unit (the outer part of your air conditioner) should be fastened tightly to a bracket that is bolted into place. Once you’ve located these bolts, use a wrench or ratchet to remove them altogether.

3) Disconnect Wires – Next, detach any wires connected between the condenser and the central unit (these will most likely be pretty obvious).

4) Detach Drain Lines – Be sure to drain any water from pipes attached to your outdoor AC. This can usually simply be done by opening the drainage valve at the base of each line until all of the water has drained out.


1) Prepare the New Condenser – The first task is to assemble the new condenser. Attach any pieces that weren’t already connected using bolts and tighten with a wrench or ratchet.

2) Connect Drain Lines – If you detached the drain lines from your old AC, use Teflon tape to wrap them before connecting them tightly to the new condenser.

3) Reattach Wires – Attach wires from your new condenser to that inside of your home’s central unit.

4) Fasten Brackets – Your new air conditioner should be attached tightly on both sides by large brackets that hold it in place firmly against a wall or ceiling.

5) Turn Power Back On – Once all connections have been adequately made, switch your power back on at the breaker box. If your air conditioner is working correctly, you’re done!

Note: If this process sounds daunting, that’s because it probably is. Air conditioning replacement should always be performed by a professional who has experience with electrical wiring or plumbing. We do not recommend replacing an AC yourself unless you have prior knowledge of these types of things. Improper installation could cause injury or death, so please take special precautions.

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