How Is Air Conditioning Installed?

Window air conditioning units are some of the most common AC installations. They can be installed quickly and easily, as long as the location is suitable for one to fit in. Fortunately, if you have a window that’s large enough for an AC unit, keep reading on to find out how it works.

  1. A window air conditioner installation can involve several different steps:
  2. Mounting brackets
  3. Securing the AC into place with screws or bolts
  4. Installing vents and fans where needed
  5. Attaching flexible tubing from the condenser to the fan inside the home and more


Installing a window AC unit usually takes around 20 or 30 minutes per unit. The first step is making sure that there is room in the open window for your new Air Conditioning unit. If this isn’t the case, consult a window installer about altering the window (this can be expensive and may include such tasks as removing exterior siding).Next, you should take out your installation kit and read through the instructions. Check over each package to make sure everything you need (checklist) is there: mounting brackets for both pieces of hardware (AC and home), screws or bolts for attaching units, clips for installing tubing or wiring from outside to inside, any required valve adapters/connectors/spacers, etc. Also, check if you have an “accessory box” – these add-ons are available for purchase individually but come free with the unit in some cases.

Some units come with all needed included in one box; others come without the screws and bolts to attach.

Once you’ve made sure everything is there, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid leaving dirt under the AC’s fan blades – this often causes noise and malfunctioning. Now it’s time to install your window air conditioning unit. Installing a window air conditioning unit is much easier if two people work together on the project. With one person holding the team upright, another can start attaching it to the mounting brackets that will hold it up inside your home – just gently set the AC into a place where needed and have someone help hold it steady while you attach everything else around them – be careful not to overtighten any screws, as this can damage either part or even the entire unit. Once the AC is safely held in place, you can attach any wiring or tubing to it that will lead outside your home.

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