What Age Should You Replace an AC at?

When it comes to buying a new AC—whether because your old one has died or you want something more energy efficient—you may wonder what the ideal age is to replace it. Is your unit 10 years old? 12? 15?

The answer to this question varies by manufacturer, location, and individual use. But on average, most ACs are designed for a lifespan of about ten years. So you can usually safely buy a new system when your old one reaches age 10 —or earlier if it’s no longer pumping out cold air.

We recommend replacing air conditioning systems every 12-15 years—or sooner in dry climates and areas where lots of dust and salt get into the system or if there’s been severe damage from flooding, high winds, or fire. We will put together some additional guidelines based on different AC age brackets:

10-14 Years: System is inefficient and wasting—it should be replaced with a new, high-efficiency unit

15-19 Years: There’s a decent chance your AC can still cool down your home, but efficiency drops off considerably after 15 years. In a suitable climate, it might still work for another decade or so. But if you live somewhere hot and dry, like Arizona—you may want to take advantage of lower prices and replace now.

20+ Years: Your AC is past its prime –even in mild climates, an AC that’s more than 20 years old will be performing at a significantly reduced capacity. So unless you’re handy with a wrench and enjoy tinkering under your house –we recommend buying a brand new unit for replacement purposes only.

To replace or not to replace, that is the question! When it comes to air conditioning for your home and business –it’s important you install a high-quality unit that has been appropriately sized and matched to the expected load requirements. We will provide you with some recommendations on selecting an appropriate replacement HVAC system –but just remember, someone else’s opinion may be different than your own, so always consider what would work best for you and your family/organization.
Just as every building has its own needs and preferences, so do individuals who inhabit them—so talk with us about how we can accommodate your particular needs.

If you prefer a DIY installation, we’re happy to guide you on installing new HVAC equipment sized and selected based on your specific building needs. With the proper equipment adequately installed—a new AC will run more efficiently and last longer.

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