What Causes Furnace to Stop Working?

The Furnace in your home provides warmth and comfort during the winter. But it needs to be repaired when it breaks down. And when the Furnace stops working, there can be many reasons for such a problem. You must find these issues early on before they become costly problems later on. The below article is all about furnaces and what happens when they stop working. Take a look!

Issues with the Thermostat:

At times, the thermostat in your system may not turn off automatically, which could lead to overheating the Furnace. When this happens, you need to inspect all components of your heater, including the control board, fan belt, and even capacitor, which will help determine if any one of them is malfunctioning.

Air Filter:

The air filter needs to be cleaned frequently for the Furnace to operate correctly. If your filters are not clean, it could lead to overheating the Furnace, thus causing it to stop working. This occurs because debris in the air filters prevents proper airflow through the system, leading to the equipment’s burning up.

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Issues with Clearances:

Ensure that there are no obstructions near your Furnace, keeping it away from walls and other items in your home. This could constrain proper airflow and cause an issue that might lead to over-heating, even a gas leak. You need to inspect the unit for any sparks or flames. If you find anything on fire, don’t hesitate to call a professional immediately.

Problems with Moisture:

As mentioned before, moisture problems can occur due to humidity in your home or by taking showers and baths. When this happens, it’s likely that condensation from the humidity forms on the evaporator coil, which is responsible for cooling down your indoor furnace air. As a result of this, an issue might occur, leading to the burning of equipment components within the heater itself, leading to a breakdown even when there is no power going through it. This is why you must have leakages checked during service calls to maintain proper airflow through your system.

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide:

If you notice smoke or carbon monoxide build-up in your home, this could mean that the Furnace is not burning correctly and might be overloaded. It’s hazardous to continue using such a heater without taking care of these issues first. You should turn off the system immediately and call for service. The case can sometimes be resolved by cleaning soot from the burners, but if the problem continues over time, you may need to replace parts on your Furnace.

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