What Do I Do if My Furnace Isn’t Working?

Furnaces are a significant investment for most homeowners, so it can be extremely frustrating when one stops working. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s essential to understand the reasons behind the lack of heat and how to fix them quickly before they lead to more expensive problems.

The first step is finding out what isn’t working. For most furnaces, if the pilot light is out—and you’re pretty sure it was lit before the Furnace stopped working—you probably need to relight it with a long-handled lighter or match. Please turn off the gas supply at the valve leading to the Furnace (it’s usually located beside or behind your Furnace). Then use the long-handled lighter or match to relight the pilot light. If your pilot light won’t stay lit, turn off the gas again and call a technician for advice.

If your Furnace doesn’t have a pilot light, check for either an electrical spark at the burner assembly or a flame at the Furnace’s flue outlet. If you don’t see either of these, check with your Furnace’s manual to find out what type of ignition system it has.

Once you’ve identified the problem with your Furnace, use one of these troubleshooting guides to help fix your Furnace quickly and efficiently.

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The pilot light won’t stay lit. If your Furnace has a pilot light, turn off the gas at the valve leading to your Furnace. Then use a long-handled lighter or match to relight it. Follow this by letting the pilot burn for 15 minutes and then turning on the Furnace to see if it works.

Call a technician if your Furnace has an electronic ignition because you’ll likely need a new board. If your pilot light won’t stay lit and there’s no electrical spark or flame at all, call a technician as well.
Furnace Blowing Cold Air: How to Find and Repair a Furnace That Isn’t Working
Your pilot light is staying lit, but the Furnace doesn’t turn on. This can indicate a range of problems, from a lack of electrical power to frozen pipes.

If your home only has electricity in certain rooms, ensure that all switches for your zone are turned to the “on” position. The power should be on at your circuit breaker, so check with a technician if you’re unsure.
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