What Is Included in AC Installation?

An AC installation includes the following:
* Removal of the existing unit (if needed)
* Inspection to make sure your home can handle an AC system
* Install all parts required for your system, including the condenser and evaporator coils, compressor, condensate drain pan, furnace or air handler, thermostat, and connecting tubing.

Most homeowners find that their air conditioning install requires a filter as well. This is included in most installation costs. The exceptions are Ductless Mini Split Systems which require an extra purchase of filters. They aren’t included in the primary system price since they only cool one room at a time instead of providing whole-house cooling like standard central air conditioners. High-end systems may consist of a wireless thermostat that allows you to control the system from any room without a wire running through your home.

High-end systems include a wireless thermostat which allows you to change the temperature from any room.
It all depends on what you want out of your air conditioner or heat pump! In most cases, the cost of the new installation is higher than replacement. A new central air conditioning unit costs around $7000 on average, with structure included. The same AC as a replacement would cost about half as much as this. Still, new units usually last longer than 20 years, so it’s worth it for people who want certainty in their purchase and don’t mind paying extra overtime for higher quality products.
Replacing your AC unit is a lot less expensive than installing a new one
Is Installation Hard?

There are three types of ac installation: DIY, semi-DIY, and professional. In all cases, the condenser and evaporator coils will have to be installed by a trained professional unless you’re doing it yourself savvy or have access to YouTube videos that show step-by-step instructions on how to perform this. For most people, DIY AC replacement can seem overwhelming due to dealing with high voltage wiring. However, there are several tricks for making it more accessible, such as taking precautions against electrical shock and turning off power first! If an AC install still seems too hard for you, try having a friend help you out! It makes the job go much faster if two people work together and reduces the risk of getting hurt or electrocuted. An AC unit can be one of the most expensive home appliances that need to be replaced, and therefore many homeowners seek professionals to take care of this for them.

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