Where Should You Not Install an Air Conditioner?

The location of your air conditioner is an important consideration. You don’t want to end up trying to cool outside in the summer or turn on the AC when it’s freezing out in the winter. You need to know when considering where to install your air conditioner, when it should not be installed, and why.

1) Never install an AC over windows, doors, or walkways; They are meant for convenience rather than utility. Installing one here will only cool down the immediate area surrounding these openings while leaving everything else, including you, hot and uncomfortable. A window unit forces all of its cooled air up into this “cone,” meaning that everyone standing or sitting anywhere except under this cone remains hot and uncomfortable.

2) Never install an air conditioner in a kitchen; It will turn the room into an icebox and make cooking impossible. If you cook more than you eat out or order in, this location is not appropriate for your AC unit. Choose another area of the home, like a large bedroom that gets decent ventilation during the day (if it doesn’t, get fans to help).

3) Avoid direct sunlight; Air conditioners do not like the direct sun on them, which causes high temperatures, which wear them down fast. The hotter your air conditioner becomes due to the heat bombarding it from sun exposure, the lower its efficiency becomes up until it shuts completely off from overheating.

4) Avoid moist/wet locations; Moisture is technically not a problem for an AC unit, but condensation can cause problems. This moisture can eventually lead to mold growth inside the AC structure (even after you clean it out). Condensation also leads to corrosion which could affect the electrical components of your unit.

5) Never install an air conditioner where you’re growing plants; Believe it or not, some people do this! Don’t make this mistake yourself – put your AC in another room and give those friendly warm rays another place to go on top of good ole Terra Firma.

6) Avoid installing an AC near sources of pollution; Pollutants are everywhere these days – cigarette smoke, paint fumes, chemicals used in dry cleaning, deodorizers, etc. Don’t blow these pollutants directly onto your air conditioner by placing them near them, or they will enter the AC structure and reduce its efficiency or even ruin the components.

7) Consult your owner’s manual for more specific guidelines on installation location; Each AC unit is designed with different energy-saving features depending on their manufacturer. For example, some teams are meant to be installed in a window or other opening, while others may need to be placed flush against the wall.

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